Be happy. Like me :D I'm NOT RETARDED KAY. .-.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

i'm gonna blog.

BOO. backkkkk. :D

aiyo this blog so rusty and dirty.
like someone's hair. LOL

ermmmm, i'm very happy today. thats why i blog! :D



ermmmm, i wanna watch repunzel. and i can wait till next week

BTW, digital lifestyle fair 2010, 10 11 12 dec at KLCC, come! suuport AKAI. :D
i know you want it.

today i had fun with shu shu. i PLAYED THE DANCING MACHINE TAU.
and she's damn good wei. sexy tau ;D
ermmm, i saw ban ban's performance too. :D not bad not bad.
wait for it kay ban :D

had dinner with liyen's family.
i like whye. :D HAHAHA.
he is so grumpy weiii. so cute.

and i cant talk to joel's sis. D: SAD

he's not worth it. forget him. golden words from didi.

OH YEAH, i highlighted my hair with helen :D
got one picture we look alike hahaha.

my blog's song damn nice kan.
and i have a lot of DIDI :D

Saturday, October 9, 2010

i think i know what to do...

but not now.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Jia you! :D

i'll NOT be sleeping today. just for you :D

omg. i can do this.

nah, yen. updateeeee. :D


Saturday, August 21, 2010

caplico stick


:o WHAT WAS THAT. if one day you found out, great job. hahaha.
So erm i'm kinda hungry right now. BUT BUT...
i insist to blog!
you malay, selamat buka puasa!
hehe. i am NOT a racist bastard kay.

i ate a caplico stick just now. TASTY SHIT.
its so tasty until i took one. :D
yup not funny.

SO ERM f3s, still fbing?
DOTAING? MGING? slacking? haha
you better get SMAO.
ONE MORE MONTHHHHHH. hahahah. good luck (:

dear, you can do it.

Let me introduce little cute shit here.
until you gonnnnnna DIE.
eh die is a hk drama toooooo.
tada, i call it helen's little SHIT.

i'm not sure whether it will blink in ma blog. lets just seee. i hope it willllll. hahahha. omg i love hairy stuff. but, definately not on the ear. (:

I have a huge carve for.

yup. thats it!
hellllllo KITTY.
i love it so so so so so KITTY.
When i was two, i was IN LOVE with her.
She is sooooooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL.
oh my god.
i know right.

Together, we make one heart.
not two heart. ONE heart. lol.

Thanks for telling me you went cc today. proud of ya. (: hahha.

This few weeks, we kept fighting right?
hate the feeling. SO MUCH.
i'll not text or call or pick up or chat or skype him, promise.
i won't break it.
i want you to trust me :D.

OU. 6PM. 22 august. xoxo
*OMFG, i know right*
althought his 34 already, he is still so HOT.
i like his style. artistic.
all his songs are so him. yup yup, its trueeeeeee.

SEE YOU THERE (: oh yeah, tell you next time whether love in disguise is nice.
I HAD A HARD TIME booking online.
ended up calling for reservationnnn.

i'm ACTUALLY reading a boook. a novel.
its called. a walk to remember.
i'm just at the 10th page. YA LA slow poke la.

I WANT THIS. T.T do you know that its 3kkkkkkkkkkkkk? hhahaha.
yup yup. its like 2 cheap lv bags. TUT.

this hello kitty. looks creepy. maybe because the nose is freaking silver. LOL

hahaha dear, cook me this? (:
or this. LOL.
hahahhaha. ok i rather you cook an egg now. hahaha.

Ehhhh, i know its getting boring. hahaha. i dun care. continue read. :D

i like her so muchhhh. :D dream baby. hahaha.

i dun really like this. but erm since its pink, youre in the post. HAHA

jess signed off.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

revive :D

hahaha by drinking revive. (:
eh you better laugh. hmmmmm, yes i skipped school again. cos i was really haeadache.
owh YOU KNOW RIGHT, i actually fainted in front of uptown maybank ytd?
and my mama sawwwww. so i'm okay i think. :D he was so worried and said he almost called my mama to check me outtttt.

do you know why M&M don't want to study?
BECAUSEEEE they dont wanna be SMARTies. :D
hahahahahahha. ss betul. this joke is credited to megan. and also liyen because she laugh along. ahahah.

Liyen ditched me for low low ytd. because she was sickkk. *cough*
eh yen, this the the reason i told low low. then even he DOUBT. LOL.
low low is kinda cute sometimes. he tends to make jokes. some are so not funny until you could LAUGH LIKE SHIT cos its not funny. GET ME?

this blog has so much ermmmm good and bad memories. could i have you to forgive me?

Last saturday, YE SALES was awesome YO. :D
it was so fun andddd tiring! free mcd food btw.
thanks for friends and family who came.
Thanks dear. (:
PINK HIPPO lalalalla.
like the name? yup yup. i know right. hahaha.

Blood drive 2010 was ytd. we didnt promote it well this year. SO. ITS. kinda. fail :O
35 pints. But thanks to the people who donated. you saved LIVEsssss. :D
Thanks for the members who came for duty. We appreciated your effort.
Those who didnt come for duty, pandai pandai lah kay.
you know what DO boon will do. :D we will wait.

I love him (: yup omg. PMR coming? good luckkkk peeps.
eh another week of holiday for us f4s. YEAPY. hahahha.

another joke. do u know what is a joke? U.
ummmmm, not funny.

joel is retarded enough to know whats chu chu. :O YEN. olivia here. i'm not retarded kay. LOL.

Happy bday, ritchie. sorry i'm not in school. but ummmmm, have a blast one. and thanks for being a nice gor. hahahha. CHARMING :O
He don't want me to talk to you anymore tho. but i hope if i'm honest with him, he will understand.
yup i hope i know that jealousy is BULLSHIT. hahaha. but u know. i'm a girl. hahahaha.

hmmmmmmmmm. CIAOMIAO actually originated from megan toh. :D
kay ciaomiao yo!

WT: Bye.
Me: erm bye?
WT: say bicycle.
Me: ummmmm bicycle.
WT: Lets go.

:O She is so into KHJ. my god. but his songs are not-bad-la. ahahah.

i'm wearing the greeeen shirt. the leaf.

kay this is the real CIAOMIAO. gonna batheee. studying with him ltr.

jess signed off. (:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

opps. i dint talk to you?

oh ok.
hurts so much right?

it feels exactly the same when you ignore me.
just worse.

you ignore me for a whole month.
i ignore you 2 weeks.

oh, too bad then.

why bother talking to me?
need to make use of me even more?
need a person to buy you espirit?
need a person to teman you from mcd?
need a person to run around like a retard for you?
need a person to help you study?
need a person to accompany you till late night?
need a person to buy ferero for you?
need a person to solve problems for you?
need a person to starve to save money for you?

need someone to use?
Oh, there he is.
your boyfriend. :)
ask him to talk to you.

since he knows you so well. :)

im only a tool.
ask me help you , i sure help you one.
dont worry to care about my feelings. im only a tool.

dont even freaking care about me.
i dont want to even talk to you.
you spoil my mood all the time.
bye. (:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My biggest Mistake

It was my biggest mistake ,
To take away your privacy ;
But my heart seem to ache ,
Or maybe I'm just going crazy.

I'm really sorry my dear ,
For being so cold ,
But I only want to know ,
If I am really the one you want to hold.

Although once you said you loved me ,
I always thought I would be happy ,
I'm always filled with jealousy ,
I need to get rid of the uneasy.

Jessica , I love you truely ,
Thats is why I feel so badly ,
I would do anything ,
Just to make you say "its nothing."

It is my biggest mistake ,
To make you feel annoyed ;
Perhaps it's time for me to change ,
So that we will love again and be overjoyed.

The more I think of you ,
The more I'll miss you ;
For you , I've been sacrificing,
Just to let you know...
you're adoring.